Our mission

We create emotions. Acquatica isn’t just a supplier of the best hydro-thermo sanitary products, but an expert and reliable partner with which to create your own living space. Acquatica’s Mission is to offer you, our client, always the best aesthetic and technical solutions, so that you might live your house to the fullest. This is our Mission.

Growing and gaining our clients’ loyalty

In order to make a company really successful, there needs to be a firm sense of loyalty between the company and its clients. Complete attention to our customers’ satisfaction is our added value.

Training and being trained in order to achieve uniqueness

Our goal is to foster the ideal conditions where supply and demand meet, spreading the technical and technological culture through training and service.

Aiming for excellence in order to guarantee wellbeing

Looks also count: we offer products and solutions from the best companies in the field in order to guarantee certified quality without having to compromise between functionality and design.

Improving the quality of life, with passion

In Acquatica you will meet competent and qualified employees who will help you develop your own projects and who will be able to fulfil your every need.

Directing the market towards eco-technologies

We at Acquatica have always been staunch supporters of an ecological and eco-friendly approach; this is why a whole sector of our company is dedicated to renewable energy sources. Because we care about the environment. Because we believe in an eco-friendly home.

Developing efficient and effective solutions

Constant research, attention to technological innovations and knowledge of the market trends: this is the background which permeates Acquatica.

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