Partner of Angaisa

Since 2006 Acquatica is part of Angaisa, the national association of dealers of hydro-thermo sanitary products, air conditiong, flooring, coatings and bathroom furniture.

Angaisa is a trade union association of entrepreneurs and represents the Italian distributors in the hydro-thermo sanitary field since 1956. It aims is to protect the general interests of the industry and the training, focusing on the update and cultural growth of this field. It also promotes commercial relations between distribution and production.

Product competence also extend to plant engineering until the building industry, with reference to hydrosanitary, hydraulics, heating, air conditioning and tiles.

In addition, brings together wholesalers and retailers, adheres to the General Confederation of Trade Tourism and Services and is a founding member of FEST (European Federation of the Sanitary and Heating Wholesale Trade).

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