Renewable energy

Renewable energies are energy sources that are not subject to depletion and have a limited environmental impact. Using renewable energies means safeguarding human and environmental health, abandoning fossil fuels and thus combatting global warming. Over the last few decades, thanks to important technological innovations, renewable energies have found numerous uses, including power generation, space heating and air conditioning, and domestic hot water production.

Acquatica S.p.A. has always had a strong focus on renewable energy sources and, with its GREEN Energy programme, deals with photovoltaic and thermal solar energy as well as biomass energy generation.

The spread of the use of renewable energy is favoured by an installation cost that is now much lower than in the past and also by the fact that the initial investment can be recouped thanks to numerous tax breaks in force.

Would you also like to consider switching to GREEN Energy?

Whether you are a private individual or a professional, Acquatica‘s technicians will give you advice and technical support to guide you in the choice, design and installation of your solar photovoltaic, solar thermal or biomass energy generation system.





Solar photovoltaics

  Solar thermal system

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