Industrial systems engineering and management

Acquatica’s technical team have years of experience in industrial systems engineering and management, so you can rely on their expertise in carefully selecting only what’s best for you from our catalogue of the finest brands in the business.

We operate in many different industries and sectors (textile, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper) in all process stages: air filtration, heat recovery, gas ducts, water ducts, district heating, oleo-dynamic and pneumatic systems, steam, super-heated water, diathermic oil and biomass.

We will be there for you, every step of the way – from planning to engineering to managing the system you need.

We stock all commonly used materials, such as:

  • Shutters, ball and butterfly valves
  • Anti-vibration joints and dilation compensators
  • Pressure regulators, thermoregulators, condensate drains, pneumatic control valves
  • Control and safety instrumentation
  • Special process equipment available upon request
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel pipes series UNI, EN, API
  • Plastic tubes and joints
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel weld and threaded flanges and fittings series UNI, EN, ANSI
  • Seal materials and gaskets
  • Drawings of special details upon request
  • CE PED, INAIL, ATEX, RINA, GOST certifications upon request.

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