Acquatica is able to supply everything required for installing a plumbing system. High quality materials for excellent results.

Plastic gas distribution systems

  • Gas junction boxes
  • Polyethylene pipes
  • Multilayer gas pipes and fittings
  • Corrugated gas ducting
  • All material for gas systems
  • Fittings

Plastic water distribution systems

  • Multilayer water pipes and fittings
  • Polybutylene and polypropylene pipes
  • Polyethylene pipes and installation accessories
  • Transition fittings
  • Brass and plastic press fittings

Water drain systems

  • Polypropylene and PE pipes and fittings
  • Drain fittings
  • Siphons
  • All drain system accessories

WC drain systems

  • WC cisterns
  • Spare parts for WC cisterns
  • WC accessories
  • WC pumps and grinders

Radiant heating systems

  • Radiant heating systems for floors, ceilings and walls

Plumbing installation components

  • System installation and maintenance accessories
  • Tap installation accessories
  • Plumbing sealing components


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